The Formula 4 Training

Client Specific Training

Customized training programs designed to help you create a well balanced physique, work around your specific goals and individual injuries. We customize your training program to deliver the goals that you would like to achieve. There's no such thing as "one size fits all" in fitness. It is crucial that you follow a training program that is designed specifically for you as an individual. Every single member will have their own customized FORMULA based on age, gender, background, injuries, health conditions, current fitness levels and goals.

Achieving your health and fitness goals is a scientific process that we specialize in at Formula4 fitness.

TransformOveR Membership


Our members have full access to our beautiful state of the art 6000sq/ft facility. Get a membership at Formula4 Fitness and get your money's worth!

Our gym is beautiful, it's private, it's friendly, it's local, it's bright, it's fully equipped with state of the art equipment, it's changing rooms are luxurious and equipped with private showers and bathrooms, and to top it off..our membership includes Not Only access to our incredible facility, but also a customized training program for each member that's updated every 8 weeks, trainers on the floor with you teaching you how to execute your exercise program correctly, and access to those world class trainers at all times for questions, help, and assistance in the gym! The training programs use the TransformOveR system which is exclusive to Formula4Fitness and has been changing people's lives for years! The TransformOveR system was created by the Founder of Formula4 Omar Ali - An Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist, International Master Trainer, and Eight Time BodyBuilding Champion.

One-on-One Personal Training


A very critical element in your FORMULA is our One-on-One personal training. Our highly qualified team of fitness and lifestyle coaches is truly dedicated to helping our clients achieve healthier lifestyles and better physiques. Trainers at Formula4 have the highest levels of education, certifications and experience.

Our purpose is to ensure your safety, progress and success! You will be shown HOW to do every single exercise PROPERLY, SAFELY and most EFFECTIVELY.

As a member of Formula4 Fitness you will enjoy the benefits of having our expert trainers by your side during every visit! Our trainers will guide you, educate you, push you, motivate you and monitor your progress through a well designed monthly follow up system!


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