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Janice L.

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"In December 2010 I turned 50 (gasp). How did this happen? One day I'm young, the next I'm a card carrying AARP member. I didn't feel old but I didn't want to get old either so I did some research , read a lot of books and found a quirky gem of a book called "Younger Next Year for Women". It affirmed what I already knew in my heart -- you have to exercise to stay young both physically and mentally. I learned that the ideal exercise recipe is quite precise – exercise 6 days a week for the rest of your life – do serious aerobic exercise 4 days a week and do serious strength training 2 days a week. The cardio improves your circulation, the strength training fools your body into thinking it's young. (you have to read the book to see how that works). I decided the time was now to follow through on the advice. But I had a big problem: I never did strength training before. I never used those machines or dumbbells. I was afraid of making a big fool of myself or doing it wrong and getting all lopsided or injuring myself and I did not want masculine muscles but alas, I wanted to stay vital more than anything. So I started looking for a small gym whose focus was one-on-one strength training. I found Formula4 Fitness. I had read that the owner had loyal clientele from all age groups and that a 60 year old man was boasting about being in the best shape that he had been in years. Hey, so this wasn't a scary muscle shop, this was a special gym geared for my needs. I checked out the gym, it had everything I was small and personal and had all the traditional cardio equipment and weight equipment. There would be no sign up sheets and waiting to use the equipment and the owner was very welcoming (but he "looked" like he seriously knew what he was doing.) I was comfortable from the start. My first lesson was January 18, 2011 and I've been a faithful Formula4 gym rat ever since. I literally look forward to the challenges of a well-designed workout and I feel the difference, physically and mentally. Formula4 was a great choice for me and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take control of how they will age. It's quite the facility.

PS By the way, women don't get big muscles because we don't have the right mix of hormones. All that happens is that you get leaner and toned. Now who wouldn't want that?"

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