Thursday, 03 January 2013 13:03

Sara T.

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"Like a lot of other people, I have always struggled to lose weight and keep it off. For years I have tried diets and working out at gyms but I was never able to achieve goals that I set for myself. That all changed since I met Omar. I have known Omar for more than three years and have trained exclusively with him at Formula4 for the last year. I have accomplished more fitness goals in the last 12 months than I have ever accomplished in the past and that's even working with other personal trainers. I can proudly say that I am below my goal weight, and more, I am keeping the weight off. All thanks to Omar!

Omar is not your typical personal trainer! He takes the time to listen and discuss your goals and then he establishes a personalized training plan to meet your needs. He is extremely dedicated to helping his clients understand the proper way to becoming fit and healthy. He teaches you how to master the proper techniques when it comes to strength training and then combines that with extensive nutrition advice for a more complete fitness solution. This combination is priceless and the evidence can be seen in all of the accomplishments that Formula4 clients have achieved."

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